Welcome to East End Vintage Clothing

London’s lowest priced vintage clothing

East End Vintage Clothing provides its customers with a wide selection of European and American vintage and retro clothing from across the decades. From the 20s all the way through to the 90s you will find vintage clothing for prices you won’t find anywhere else in London.

At East End Vintage Clothing you get diversity and nostalgia all in one place, the shop has two major sections Vintage Selected and a Fill-A-Bag section and even hold flash pound sales on some weekends as well as for small fees we offer Alteration, Repair and Customizing

Selective Section

Where you find a unique, trendy and old garments, it is a 100% handpicked vintage clothing and accessories, this part is loved by hearts are devoted to the Vintage side of life you can cover all your Vintage needs all under one roof at East End Vintage Clothing Store and you can be assured that the prices here won’t leave you bankrupt.

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Fill a bag customers

Fill A Bag Section

What an excellent selection of Vintage clothing awaiting you as you enter this section where you pay for the
size of your shopping bag – either £10 for a medium bag or £20 for a large one – and you are then free to fill
up your bag with as much of our quality vintage clothing as you can fit into the bag! Come along any time (but Fridays) 
between 11am and 6pm to fill up your shopping bags with our excellent value for money clothing.

Vintage Pound Sales

Also every now and then we run special events in our warehouse store this is what gets our customers really excited, when you will have the chance to buy individual items for as little as a £1!

For updates and more information regarding our special events please join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!

Pound Sale Customers